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Here’s a little note we got from Catherine recently

Hi Mary

So sorry, only getting to send you pictures now (3 months on!). I am happy for you to use these for future brides, as your work and your teams was wonderful. Dealing with you and Fran was also a breeze – so thank you again.

I have a few others – but cant attach them for some reason – so will try again on a new email.

Hope all is well.

Take care

Catherine x for more or email to :

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When doing Weddings in Rathmullan or the surrounding Areas our busy Day finishes in the local Bistro ‘Belles Kitchen’ we look forward to a wee bite to eat

Martin is never to far away after Niall lands, catching up on their news and banters , and think to myself these guys must know each other for years , the friendship Is picked up where it’s left off from the last time we may have been there , next minute Martin is gone only to return , he slides back into the seat and their conversation continues he must of remembered another story to tell .

He only lives across the street I sopose , 3 arms length across from Belles I’d say 😂 If that … maybe even less .

We often rely on his local knowledge if looking for a house in a remote area with the address just “rathmullan ”What the … ? ‘ I’ve no clue where this is Fran would say to Niall.

The rural small villages of ireland is a treasure and the people who you meet in them in their daily life always have a warm hello smile or even a few minutes chat . City life is busy ..

When we look after your wedding it’s an enjoyable day out for all of us as all the preparation over the year comes together. .

Till next Time